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The City of Fountains

Kansas City is known as the “City of Fountains” because of its more than hundreds of public fountains that dot the cityscape. The fountains range in size, style, and age, but each one is unique and beautiful in its way. The city’s love affair with fountains began in the late 19th century when city leaders decided to beautify the cityscape by adding public art that would also serve as a source of drinking water for the city’s residents at that time. The first few fountains were installed in 1899, and since then, the number of fountains has grown steadily, and they are one of the most beloved features of Kansas City area. Today, there are a variety of fountains in the city, making it one of the most fountain-filled cities in the world.

You can cool off and enjoy the beauty of these man-made wonders all around town. Every fountain can be found in parks, plazas, and even in front of office buildings. The fountains are turned on every day from early spring to late fall, and they are illuminated at night, making them a beautiful sight to behold even after the sun goes down. Many of the fountains were designed by world-renowned architects and artists, making them a must-see for any art or architecture lover. If you are looking for a place to start your fountain tour, you must know the list of famous fountains found under the City of Fountains Foundation. These are the following:

  • Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain: There is nothing more beautiful than the hypnotic spray of this fountain when it is placed against the breathtaking backdrop of a sunset in Kansas City. The fact that it can be transformed into practically every hue in the rainbow and has patterns that are constantly changing makes it the top pick.
  • J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain: This fountain is indeed the beloved of many folks who reside in Kansas City, and throughout the past few years that it has been operating, it has undergone a variety of color transformations. Both the horses and the fountain are in full pace, and the fountain is among the largest in the city.
  • Meyer Circle Sea Horse Fountain: The Sea Horse fountain is a wonderful place to take a refreshing splash and enjoy some quiet time with a good book and your favorite things to do. The seahorses that adorn the fountain add a whimsical touch, and the nearby benches make it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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